Welcome to

Sullivan Middle School 


Here you will find resources to help you on your learning journey.  


The library is open every school day at 8:30. Please make an appointment with Ms. Harris if another time is needed. Please see Ms. Harris for a pass.  


Come to the Library 

We have wonderful books to read. Our titles include Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Ms. Harris purchased books this summer with the money we raised during the scholastic book fair. Look for the new books on the shelves this year.  


If you have any request that you would like Ms. Harris to consider adding to the library, Click here to email her your request.

What's Happening in the Library? 

Book club 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday during lunch

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All students are encouraged to come and take advantage of all the wonderful resources the library has to offer. Please ask for a pass from your classroom teacher and Ms. Harris to use the library during the school day.


The library is a quiet zone. So please keep talking to a minium. Food and drink are not allowed in the library especially near the computers. Gum and seeds are also not allowed in the library.


The computers are to be used for school work. Please ask before printing. If a teacher is using the printer a student must wait until they are done.

Technology makes learning fun! 

Technology makes learning fun! The library has over 20 computers that can be used for school work. Students and teachers may also print their work in the library. Please see Ms. Harris for a pass to come and use the computers or printers. 


To read our acceptable use policy please click here! 

Library Rules and Expectations

IPads in the Library

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See Ms Harris for Google help! 

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I love to read books from the library.



-John R.  

The good thing about the library is that you get to do your homework.


-Kimberly K. 

Ms. Harris lets us have a good variety of books and lets us go to the library to finish our work. 




— Candace L. 

-Matthew B.

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